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Earth's Metamorphosis (EMM) - A New Hypothesis for the Earth-Moon System

Summarized Explanation for the EMM Model Click here to download.
A new version of the Earth-Moon genesis model replaces the older binary, capture and fission models, including the currently NASA-accepted "Giant Impact" hypothesis of 1975. The EMM Model explains the Late Heavy Bombardment (LHB) and the Main Belt of asteroids without using the very questionable Nice Theory. Other conundrums are answered:

  • Why is the Moon more like a planet?
  • Why do the Earth and Moon share the same orbit?
  • Why is the Earth's axis tilted?
  • Why do Earth's plate tectonics, active volcanism and raised granitic continents, not to be found on other planets, exist?

The Giant Impact (GI) and Earth's Metamorphosis (EMM) Hypotheses Compared Click here to download.
NASA has failed to support the GI hypothesis with Apollo Mission and Moon space probe data. The compiled data better supports the EMM hypothesis and undeniable reasons are given.

What is the True Genesis of Earth and Moon? Click here to download.
A strong connection between the Biblical Genesis story and the Sumerian Epic Tale of Creation, as translated by Zecharia Sitchin, is confirmed. Technical reasons are given to corroborate this ancient epic taken from the cuneiform inscribed on clay tablets and stone scrolls found in the buried cities of a 6000-year-old Sumer civilization. Some of the technical verification is actually supplied by NASA findings. But NASA is still in denial about how their data from the exploration of the Moon addresses the Genesis of the Bible and the Sumerian epic tale.

The Solar System's Story is Revealed by Its Moons Click here to download.
Our planet's Moon is contrasted with all the other satellites in the solar system. Detailed differences are listed which aid astrophysicists in postulating their unique origins. These origins and their surface features foretell a frightful, periodic, catastrophic past that still may keep occurring to endanger us in the future.