How Perilous is Man's Existence?

  • Can Man's Genesis Story Be Based on Scientific Principles? Yes
  • Do We Live in a Pristine, Unchanging Solar System or One That Reckons With Periodic Catastrophism?
  • Will the Sun, Moon, and Earth Gods Keep Giving Us a Peaceful Geologic Surface, Tolerable Weather, a Constant Climate, and a Stable Sea Level?
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How Perilous is Humankind's Existence

Read about how the Earth/Moon system evolved using ideas that break down the current scientific paradigms. These new theories can resolve age-old mysteries of why the solar system was bombarded by impactors, how only Earth received liquid water, why the Earth and Moon share the same orbit, why the Main Asteroid Belt never coalesced, why this planet, Earth, has the only raised surfaces that we call continents, and why Earth has received numerous global catastrophes even within recorded history.

Written by Douglas Blaine Ettinger of Pittsburgh, PA, whose mission is to convince and change existing, stubborn, outdated paradigms of consensus science.

The three celestial bodies shown are scale representations of the Earth, the Moon, and a rogue impactor (the size of Ganymede) that led to Earth's metamorphosis.