The Influence and Prophecy of the Sun’s Sister Star, Nemesis.

Nemesis is the Sun’s evil sister star that keeps returning to wreak havoc on the Sun’s planets, including Earth and its life forms. Traditions about its existence are corroborated with scientific testimony. This orbiting brown dwarf star with its planets is predicted to return every 3600 years. The dim, cool star is currently far enough away to prevent detection by modern astronomy. The premise is that humankind had extremely advanced knowledge and technology, which was wiped out during a great global flood caused by Nemesis. The catastrophe left behind only shattered memories of a Golden Age that was converted to myth and ancient traditions. Should we still regard this mysterious Nemesis and its return once again? The book, “Mankind’s Chaotic and Mysterious Past,” may answer that question for you. This global flood is predicted to have occurred during the end of the Younger Dryas geological period, about 11,500 years before the present, during one of Nemesis’ visits.
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The next following article provides compelling evidence that humankind saw the Nemesis brown dwarf star in the sky: “Ancient Sun-God Descriptions Give Proof for an Orbiting Nemesis Star” - A Comparative Study of Mesopotamian and Egyptian Sun-God Depictions Referenced in an Ev Cochrane Article

An abstract of this comparative study of Mesopotamian and Egyptian Sun-God Depictions follows:

The Electric Universe (EU) group of independent scientists has a current champion in promoting comparative mythology, along with one of its main founders, David Talbott. His name is Ev Cochrane. I met Cochrane at an EU Conference. He is very excited about promoting Talbott’s ancient archetypes through his research. Of course, his support includes recognizing Talbott’s book, The Saturn Myth, and its Saturn polar configuration concept. This book, published in 1980, proposes that ancient myths and traditions describe the planet Saturn as a dominant celestial body in the sky and how Earth, Mars, and Venus were once part of the Saturn system. I flatly refuse to accept Talbott’s hypothesis and give my reasons in my paper, “Problems with the Saturn Myth’s Polar Configuration” ( Otherwise, I enthusiastically support the EU’s other ideas and goals, including Talbott’s archetypes of symbols presented in an alien sky.

I accidentally discovered one of Ev Cochrane’s articles, “Anomalies in Ancient Descriptions of the Sun-God,” published in the Chronology & Catastrophism Review 2016:2 of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS). He wrote superbly, delineating and making understandable descriptions of how the Sun-Gods of ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India differ from our Sun today. Of course, I was especially interested in his threads connecting the polar configuration using the science of celestial mechanics and astrophysics. He did not make any such connection. His adequate conclusion was that the Mesopotamian and Egyptian testimony concerning the physical description and accompanying features of the ancient Sun-God is taken quite literally as an astronomical reality. I agree with Ev Cochrane. This perspective and conclusion are different from any scientific orthodoxy, which only attempts to explain these anomalies metaphorically or mythologically. However, this paper will explain Cochrane’s so-called anomalies as events that did happen in the sky based on the Nemesis star that returns approximately every 3600 years. Cochrane’s descriptions or translations are used as evidence that a second star, the Sun’s brown dwarf sister star, does make its presence known periodically to humankind in the manner that is carefully portrayed by Cochrane.

The Enigma of the Giza Pyramids and the Replacement of the Saturn Myth with an Orbiting Brown Dwarf Star.

The Enigma of the Giza Pyramids of Egypt” follows -When and how were these megaliths, the Giza Pyramids of Egypt, designed and built?

The Giza Pyramids became an incredibly special problem for this author. The author has always considered that these megalithic structures were built by a very technologically advanced culture before the Great Deluge, dated about 11,500 years before the present. And then, the high-tech culture vanished, diminished, or was destroyed. Or, this advanced culture returned to repair and/or start building new megalithic structures shortly after Earth’s surface returned to normal, livable conditions and the oceans receded. The problem or enigma becomes that these structures have alignments with the existing North Pole. If one of the main tenets, as explained in “The Great Deluge: Fact or Fiction,” is the displacement of the Earth’s crust and mantle latitudinally by 20 to 30 degrees, then how can these structures remain in this almost precise geodesic alignment? The dramatic movement of the Earth’s crust concerning the spin axis or North Pole and the changed equator would certainly change the pyramids’ casing wall alignments. One possibility is that these pyramids were built shortly after the oceans receded, and that mankind’s civilization quickly recovered with the help of the surviving peoples of this advanced culture. Or are there other possibilities?

A new book by Edgar Oliver Chase has been recently published that provides compelling evidence for the functions of the Great Pyramid of Giza that could only have been designed and constructed by a very ancient but highly technical culture. Please read his intriguing book.

An abstract of “Reverse Engineering of the Great Pyramid – Cracking the Conundrum” by Edgar Oliver Chase follows:

The Great Pyramid, the largest of the three at Giza, Egypt, has been reverse-engineered by Edgar Chase in his book, “Reverse Engineering the Great Pyramid.” He explains its main functions and elaborates on how its internal rooms and passageways were used by the original designers and builders. According to his book, the real age of these pyramids is older than Noachian pre-flood times, which are estimated to be about 11,500 years ago. Chase’s alleged age directly contradicts the modern Egyptians’ stated age of 3000 to 2000 BC and that the consensus builders were claimed as the dynasties of the Egyptian pharaohs. Compelling evidence is provided that a very sophisticated culture designed and built these amazing megaliths before a catastrophic flood occurred that destroyed the real architects’ civilization and known continued presence on Earth’s surface. Once the author convinces you that the consensus Egyptian culture, with its primitive tooling and knowledge (considered as Bronze Age), could not possibly have designed and erected these megaliths, he then begins to explain why these pre-flood technocrats designed these megalithic pyramids.

Chase claims that the original architects utilized highly crystallized limestone as casing stones to generate electrostatic charges through piezo and pyroelectric means. The daily heating and cooling of these close-fitting casing stones by the Sun cause the expansion and contraction of each casing stone matrix of limestone crystals that produce electrostatic charges that accumulate on the casing’s crystal surfaces, then move toward the sharp edges of the pyramid, and eventually toward the apex on top. The concentration of voltage upon a gold and silver amalgam sphere at the apex provided hundreds of millions of volts of electrical potential, drawing an opposing high potential charge from the water-filled subterranean vault 600 feet below the apex. This massive voltage connects and eventually draws more current from the aquifers under the sandstone plateau of the pyramids, which is replenished by the nearby Nile River. Thus, a ground connection to the Earth continually draws power from the planet’s crust, thereby tapping into the massive potential between the Earth and the ionosphere.

The alternating electric field generated by this system passes through the pyramid’s interior, exciting the piezoelectric crystal matrix of both the Tura limestone of the Grand Gallery and Queen’s Chamber, as well as the red Aswan granite of the King’s Chamber to resonate at each chamber’s designed resonant frequencies. The Grand Gallery alone produced a perfect octave of eight resonant notes, which, once converted into electromagnetic frequencies due to the principle of “electromagnetic acoustic conversion,” provided an eight-note octave resonant matrix that wrapped around the entire planet as an interlocking power grid with nodes and antinodes from which power could be tapped by utilizing such devices as resonant chambers, obelisks, and by other unknown means. This process is like Nikola Tesla’s idea of using the Earth together with the ionosphere for power transmission.

Other remarkable functions were:

  1. Light beacon production by 54 coherent multicolor lasers within the Grand Gallery, which were directed at a 27-degree angle down the Ascending Passage of the Great Pyramid, bounced off a water table at the junction of the Descending Passage and reflected at a 53° angle upward and through the main entrance into the ionosphere, seven Earth diameters directly above the North Pole. This was to provide a beacon for arriving spacecraft, directing them to their landing zone at Baalbek’s Temple of Jupiter in Lebanon.
  2. Radio communications from the Queen’s Chamber, with its small rabbit-ear-like ducts used as plasma antennae, utilized specific electromagnetic transmission frequencies in the 1.2 MHz bands for navigational radio beacons, ship-to-shore, and long-distance communications.
  3. Utilization of five resonant frequencies of 660, 440, 330, 264, and 220 Hz created in the Queen’s Chamber by the careful dimensioning and positioning of the chamber’s Niche. The Queen’s Passageway was exactly X + 0.618 wavelengths of the chamber's primary resonant frequency of 66 Hz, proving that the chamber combined with its passageway was intended as a resonant sonic system utilizing these five frequencies, likely for worldwide communications with other far-flung resonant transceiver systems.
  4. The revealment of important mathematical constants utilized within the pyramid, such as the speed of sound used by the architect for his interior designs and the use of Pi and Phi, neither of which was known of by the later Bronze-age Egyptians; the length of the solar year to within 12 seconds of our present-day measurements; and the polar and equatorial circumference of the earth.
  5. Understanding of resonant sonic systems with interior chamber and passageway tolerances within 0.25 mm or 1/100th inch, something we are not capable of, even today, that includes electromagnetic systems as well as methods to convert sonic frequencies into EM frequencies utilizing a little-known principle of physics.

There is no possible way that the Egyptians of Bronze Age mentality from 4000 BC onward, with their primitive tooling and knowledge, could have designed and built the Great Pyramid. The only possible architects were highly advanced beings that existed before the global flood that occurred 11,500 years ago during the geological period called the Younger Dryas. The architects left the planet, but the builders were mostly destroyed by the flood and its attendant calamities, such as earthquakes, volcanism, darkened dusty skies, and severe climate change. Present-day archaeologists believe that humankind progressed forward from 10,000 years ago from a period called the Stone Age – not acknowledging previous civilizations. Then, as humanity slowly recovered and developed, the Egyptians took over these ruined structures and claimed them as their own. The important casing stones are predicted to have been removed and used for structures destroyed in an earthquake near 1300 AD in nearby Cairo.

It seems possible that some of the highly intelligent ancestral architects of the Great Pyramid and others of their kind may still exist, and perhaps one day may once again reveal themselves to humankind.

Another intriguing article occurred with conversations with a group of scientists associated with the Electric Universe group. An abstract for the article: “Problems with the Saturn Myth’s Polar Configuration: Replacing the Proto-Planet Saturn Idea with an Orbiting Brown Dwarf Star” follows:

A combined group of scientists and comparative mythologists have created The Thunderbolts Project under the leadership of David Talbott and Wal Thornhill. The project addresses the “Electric Universe” (EU) and a very unique and controversial theory of the Saturnian Polar Configuration. The comparative mythology put forth by David Talbott is very thorough and convincing in supporting this past solar system configuration. However, the author of this article has serious difficulties making any sense of how the laws of physics and planetary science can be applied to this past configuration, which is supposedly in the memory of ancient peoples. I fully support these portrayed myths by Talbott that describe the ancient skies as recorded in rock art, stone friezes, and texts of ancient civilizations. My problem is that these well-analyzed myths cannot support the polar configuration that Talbott confidently professes. This article will list the more obvious objections to this idea but will then suggest other solar system configurations that make more sense from a purely scientific basis. One needs to connect all the dots to achieve a comprehensive hypothesis. Talbott’s enlightening analysis of myths based on observations of the ancient skies can only be seriously accepted if it is applied correctly to a plausible model with some modest scientific basis.

“Problems with the Saturn Myth’s Polar Configuration: Replacing the Proto-Planet Saturn Idea with an Orbiting Brown Dwarf Star” or Issues with the Saturn Myth