Unique Artwork by Jan Pini

The following artwork is drawn by Jan Pini and commissioned for my website to illustrate the "Earth's Metamorphosis (EMM) Hypothesis and the calamitous global events that preceded and followed "The Great Deluge: Fact or Fiction?" These illustrations can be purchased as prints for $100 each by request by email from the contact information.

The Art

A painting of the universe with planets and stars.

Nemesis Enters Edge of Solar System

A painting of the solar system with planets and stars.

Plasma Discharge Between Planets and Nemesis

A globe with the earth in it's center.

Electromagnetic Discharge Destroys the Polar Ice Sheet

A painting of people standing in the grass.

Cosmic Wheel Archetype Launches Mass Extinction

A painting of people standing in the rain

Recorded Movement and Disorder of the Ancient Sky

A painting of a waterfall and some boats

Destruction of Plato’s Atlantis by “Hydroplate” Eruptions

A painting of animals in the desert

Asphyxiation and Burial of Siberian Mammoths

A painting of an ancient city with people and statues.

Dramatic Uplift of Puma Punku in the Bolivian Andes

A painting of a village on the side of a mountain.

Sinking of Mu in the Southern Pacific Ocean

A painting of an island in the ocean

Antarctica Sinks and Ice Sheet Slides into Ocean

A painting of an open doorway with a sky background

Stick Man Electrically Etches Landscapes

A painting of a field with lightning in the sky.

Flatiron Rocks are Formed by Supersonic, Reverberating Electric Plasma Storms

A painting of an asteroid hitting the earth.

Collision of Planet and Icy Planetoid

A painting of an exploding planet with many small holes.

Ejecta and Deep Penetration of Impactor

A painting of an exploding earth and moon.

Planet Tilts and Crater Oozes Molten Mix

A painting of an orange and black sun

Crust Expands and Cracks

A painting of planets and asteroids in space.

Planet’s Orbit Displaced and Passing Mars

A painting of an asteroid belt with the sun in the background.

Planet Earth Shares Moon’s Orbit