“The Enigmas of Earth’s Mega-Continents: and Their
Connections to the Evolution of Life.”

A new look at Earth’s evolutionary history is given in “The Enigma of Earth’s Mega-continents: and Their Connections to the Evolution of Life.” The geological mysteries of continental drift, granitic continental crusts, the ‘Granite Problem,’ and the Great Unconformity are explained and possibly resolved.

The vital connection to life is presented about how plate tectonics led to mountain building, which led to erosion and mixing of minerals into seas, which led to the multicellular animals.

A large impactor struck and penetrated Earth, tilting its axis to provide the seasons, and displacing its orbit to bring it closer to the Sun, and create a global caldera.

This global caldera created the first mega-continent with a raised surface above its newly formed ocean, caused plate tectonics, made drifting continents, and created segregated compositions of oceanic basaltic and continental granitic crusts.

Depiction of Processes Occurring During and After Earth’s Collision with an Impactor

Illustration of the postulated First Continent and subsequent breakup and drifting of its parts.

This article provides compelling arguments for the resolution of geology’s greatest mysteries: the Granite Problem and the Great Unconformity (GU)