The Special Genesis Project

An excerpt of the calculations that formed the assumptions and basis for Earth/Moon's creation is presented. These same calculations are found in the book "Searching for Genesis" released in July 2020. The author is hoping to stimulate interest in offering money to students or other persons in academia who can examine these calculations for their assumptions, numerical correctness, and, more importantly - for errors in applying the physical laws. More rewards will be given to any talented physicist who can apply computerized numerical simulation to this unique model.

Please contact the author at to negotiate such rewards. Your time spent will be worthwhile and illuminating. Researching this topic may lead to your own article or thesis.

A reviewer who finds an error in the applied physical laws of these calculations will receive $200 for each one that is reported to the author.

A diagram of the earth 's circumference and radius.

Comparison of the cross-section of the impactor with Earth’s crust, mantle, and core.

A drawing of some different types of circles.

Illustration of how impactor penetrated Earth, tilted its axis and created the first mega-continent.